This is us!

This is us!
Andy, Tia, Major & Legend Stokes

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Holy crap!!!

Holy Taledo its been a year already.......and we've loved every minute of it!
*In just one year i got all this!!!!!:)
*my 2 giants
*yes...i did change out of the dress....
*still to this day......never fades
* This is my amazing husband since day one...always taking care of me!!!
* check out our wedding chucks!!!! pretty sweet!!! who ever said meeting the man of your dreams, getting married in the temple to him for time and all eternity, have a chunky adorable baby all in one year wasn't possible is crazy....Because we made that crazy story come true!!!! Im alittle late on this Blog but things have been crazy busy lately with me teaching dance again and being a mom and wife....I don't have it all quite down just yet, im still a noobie!
ok, so back to why im blogging, haha (if you dont know me Im a little spacey and im typing with my little chunky monkey on my lap because he's a total mama's boy so sorry for all you perfectionist my grammer/ writing and whatever else is not right)haha!!!
ok, for reals now back to the good stuff!!! ANDY AND TIA have been married a yr. well a little over a yr. now!!! On the 26th of January was our first anniversary!!!! And i have got to say its been the best year of my life!!!! and the fastest seems like we just had our first date yesterday...oh i love it!!!! Its crazy how much everything seems to change, and what you thought was happiness before married and family life...really wasn't!!! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!! Seems like ive truly found my place as a wife and mother and so happy about it!!! i love waking up early with my husband and sending him off to work with those bad breath Wouldnt trade it for anything!!!!
My Andy is amazing for our anniversary he surprised me and made me take him to work at 6:30am when he tricked me and we got hot chocolate and watched the sun rise!!!! see he's so awesome, then we came home and he surprised me with a beautiful humungo frame he made for me and put a collage in it....ah...I cried like a baby!!!! He is so awesome...then we just spent the whole day hanging out and playing the wii!!!! I love my life I love my husband and my baby and sometimes my puppy now...haha jk i still like her too!!!! Im so blessed to have my family and to have had so many blessings in the past year!!!! I Thank my Heavenly Father everyday for my eternal companion....and whatever i did to deserve glad i did it!!!!!