This is us!

This is us!
Andy, Tia, Major & Legend Stokes

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Along with Andy's football training he also designs athletic T-shirts!!!! Check them out they are pretty neat and always inspirational with the exception that we've got the BEST looking model ever!!!! ha ha. (trust me when I say this, taking these pictures were like pulling teeth. He hates pictures, but he's the only one that has all the shirts and of course the hottest model:)These are all the ones available now. Have any questions leave me a comment or message:)
Shirt #1 (quote on the side)
Shirt #2 (don't know why it's here) QB on side

Shirt#1 (Titanium element on front corner)

Shirt#2 (FIRST STEP)on back

Shirt#2 (Titanium Inc.) on front

Shirt #3 (Titanium Inc.) on back

Shirt #3 (Huge Titanium element) on front crooked

Shirt #4 (quote: The will to win is the power to win) in armpit

Shirt #4 (Titanium Inc.) on side of back of the shirt

Shirt#5 (2nd Titanium element) on top of back
(pic. is out of order as well) ah!!

Shirt #6 (Titanium Inc.) on Side of front of shirt

Shirt#4 (Titanium element) front center of shirt

Shirt #5 (Slattered Titanium element) on front

Shirt #7 (Titanium Inc.) on Ulli design on front

Shirt #8 (quote: Do more than you have ever done
so you can be better than you have ever been, PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT)
on back of shirt

Shirt #8 ( Designed Titanium w/ Fight Gear on the sides)
on front of shirt

Shirt#9 (Titanium broken up) on the front of shirt
with Titanium Inc. on sleeve

Shirt #10 (quote: you see things and you say "why?"
but I dream things that never were and say "why not?")
Titanium Inc. on back of shirt

Shirt#10 ( football player plowing through Titanium mtn.)
on the front of shirt


Today is my cousins 1st birthday!!!! Jakey, Little Face, Porter and Mikey!!!! Today is their birthday party and I can't be there in California. I want to tell them I love them and Happy Birthday and I'm very excited for them as you can tell as I show off my new standing tricks:)
Happy Birthday Cousins, I love you!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hannemann Family Reunion!!!

This summer we're were able to spend a couple days at our annual Hannemann family reunion in Cedar city. It was a blast!!! Full of fun games, good food, awesome entertainment, lots of laughs and of course plenty of love. It was great seeing all the fam and visiting. Major was of course the life of the party and such a sight to see for my family:) Its always great to hangout with the cousins and play like kids again. It was awesome to make new memories and enjoy eachother. Hope to keep this family tradition alive!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grandma Tonya!!!! Major

Grandma Tonya asked for recent pictures of Major on the Blog so here he is :)
WOW!!!! Its crazy how fast time goes by when your havin fun!!! Major is already 9 months and huge and we're lovin every roll every noise and second of it!!!! :) He is such a fun, Outgoing, loving, happy,smart, well tempered baby did I mention Huge too (ha ha) and we are so blessed to have him apart of our lives!!! He's a little abnormal for his age (ha ha) seeing how he looks like he's 2yrs. old (ha ha) but he has the brains as well ( not from his mama thats for sure;) He crawls all over, pulls himself up and walks along the couch , he says "dada", "mama" and "ah" for grandma and grandpa (they like to think anyway) and he loves his oatmeal and anything else he can eat and loves to read and play with all his cousins!!!! He's well taken care of thats for sure!!!! SPOILED!!! He is so much fun and so good that you want to spoil him:) Right now we're trying to get on a bed time and do the whole sleeping through the night thing (hard) if you have any tips or ideas we'd love to hear:) This is our Maj!!!!