This is us!

This is us!
Andy, Tia, Major & Legend Stokes

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun with the Horlachers!!!

Yesterday when we came home from church we got a text from the Horlachers saying they missed the Stokes, which really meant they missed Major:) So we just had to take a trip and spend the day with them. We love hanging spending time with the Horlachers and if you ask Major if he wants to see Trevor he says "Yeah!";)
Major and his buddy Trevor....Major thinks all older boys are his friend because
this is who he usually hangs out with!!
Major loves the Camera he's sayin "Cheese"

Cambria and Major hula hooping

Major trying sooo hard not to show he's tired after playing
all day and wanting to stay up with all the big people!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another one Down!!!

So for all you locals who've been missing out on all the Blitz excitement, its time you get your selves to a game!!! We have 2 more home games left and as of right now they haven't lost yet!! Lots of great football, entertainment from the dancers and half-time and good food!!
Andy has a Blast playing and its fun for our family to stay busy!!! ITs so nice to have something my husband enjoys and looks forward to every week , even if it's a little ol football game:) check out the website for the schedule:)
Andy after the game with one of his Titanium kids Shaq!!
Andy with his Sister Rori and Dad his biggest fan!!

The Pregant Coach with her Blitz Chickz!!!
These girls work so hard and are so much fun to watch, i love them!!
missing: Mindy!!(I don't think I'll ever get all of them to a game at once)
what do you do, right?lol
Before the Game!!!
Cam, Becky, Shay and Shon

Wayne, Andy, Ricki and D

Happy "Late" Easter

I know Im a little late with the Happy Easter Blog but, I guess "Late" is my middle name with this Blog thing!!! This was Majors 2nd Easter and he's never had so much Candy in his whole entire 18months of life.....seeing how Candy is forbidden in our house:)(according to Andy:) Easter morning I set up an egg and peanut m&m trail from Majors room to his basket , lets just say we made it to the basket 30min. later with a mouth stuffed full of m&ms!!!! It was like he had never had chocolate before he stuffed about 12 in his mouth before I made him spit them out and had to drag him to his basket (k not literally)!! When he got to his basket he was not interested , there was no candy in it , just boring stuff to him!!! He is such a fun kid and always surprising us with his crazy personality!!! Happy "Late" Easter!!!
Major with his Easter bunny and Easter shirt from Grandma Mitzi
Major is so spoiled he had his own personal easter egg hunt at Grandma Tonyas

Lovin Life!!

Our Easter Boy!!! We just love him, check out his huge feet!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How do Moms find time for this thing???? ah!!!

Seriously I look up to all the moms who are awesome at updating these things!!!! So shout out to all my sisters and sister in-laws who keep up with this blog thing your my Hero!!! I mean Im so bad my own Sister Tonya Has posted my last 4 blogs.....thats pretty horrible she feels bad for me.
Well alot has happened since she posted.....IM STILL PREGNANT ha ha feels like its been forever Im 28wks so you do the math. You'd think I'd slow down a little but I don't think slow down is in my vocabulary at least RELAX isn't my husband says.
* Im still teaching dance not as much tho, Im down to 12 hrs. a wk at the most. I'll be teaching forever I love it!
*Kalamity is still in the works and amazing as ever I love my girls. I figure if I can wear baggy clothes for Hip-Hop I can still perform:) so this past weekend we performed for Dixie Colleges Extravaganza on Friday night we did 3 numbers and then we competed in our first competition on Sat. morning it was great!!! The competition was spare of the moment but we did it anyways and came out taking 1st place over all in the Advance division!!! We were pretty Stoked about it. The girls worked hard and left it all on the stage.
*So my once garage is now my own little personal studio. Let me just say my husband can do pretty much anything. He told me he was gonna clean it out for me so I can practice and choreograph in there, so I just figured clean it out. Well he not only cleaned it but put up molding, painted, did the floor and hung up my mirrors. It has my crazy personality all over it!!! He is the best!!!! I love it!!
*Happy ST. Patricks Day has passed!!! Major strutted his tie Grandma Tonya bought him!
*YOUNG WOMENS YOUNG WOMENS YOUNG WOMENS....what can I say I love it!!! I love the ladies I work with and I love the girls. We had our New Beginnings back in Jan. and it was great this yr. along with the yw theme we are SUPER so for N.B. we dressed up as super heros but describing us and what makes us SUPER. It was neat to learn about all the girls and to see all the crazy costumes, especially us leaders we got a little carried away.
*Blitz Season is back again!!!! I swear football at our house last all year long. Its just great:) lol. Andy is either Coaching, training or playing. I love that he stays busy along side me. So Blitz is back and we had our first game this past weekend Andy played and I danced with the Blitz Chickz..............ok just kidding lol no one wants to see a 7month pregnant lady out there trying to be all cheery, because we all know pregnant women don't come that way.:) No really tho, I stay busy directing the blitz chickz and all the entertainment!!! Its fun and Im glad Andy and I can be involved together.
*Last but not least its been 2 yrs. of the best years of my life with my BEST FRIEND!!! Don't worry we're on our 2nd baby as well, just trying to catch up with my sister in-law Amber:) jk. Im really so blessed to have found such a great eternal companion in life so fast and have it work out so perfrect. He is seriously the best ever Im truly spoiled, Im kind of a brat now , you can blame it on him:) I love him so much he is my number 1 fan and biggest supporter and always gives great advice and leads with the spirit!!! So for our anniversary he surprised me and took me to our favorite place to be...ZIONS! It was beautiful even tho I had no hiking clothes or shoes and there was snow on the ground we hiked Angels Landing and Canyon Overlook. It was great and will always remember it!!! Thanks babe!!!
Alright thats all the catch up for now!!!
Kalamity's 1st Competition
America Onstage

Major posing with shay and Becky

My #1 fan is at everything!!!

Tia and Becky my right hand Kalamity girl

The team: Becky, Tia, Brooke, Mindy, Shay, Whit, Kara
Missing Latisha and Lisa

Getting ready!!!
My little personal Studio!!!
MY LITTLE STUDIO!!! This is a private group I taught
Happy St. Patricks Day!!!
Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!
I Love Young Womens!!!
Some of my Young Women struttin their costumes

The Crazy Leaders!!!
Loni, Tia, Mel and Judy
2010 Blitz Season again!!!
After the game with my Hunk!!!!

Grandpa Tom and Andy
after their win
Blitz Chickz in action!!!
2010 Blitz Chickz
Cam, Shay, Shon, Mindy, Becky, Lacey
Missing: Shawnessy
2yr. Anniversary:)
Andy and Tia AT the top of Angels Landing!!!!
2yrs and counting:)