This is us!

This is us!
Andy, Tia, Major & Legend Stokes

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy "Late" Birthday to my BFF!!

Happy Late Birthday to one of my most favorite people, Role Model and BFF!! My very own little sister (but really niece) Cambria Irene Horlacher!!! Seriously if you don't know this girl you need to know her. She is the most loving , kind hearted , hardworking, self- motivated, positive , Christlike kind person I know. She is such a great example to me of what not only being physically gorgeous but of true inner beauty! Happy Birthday Cam! We have been through soo much together as Batman and Robin:) thats what it's like my little sidekick. Thanks for going on dates with me, babysitting with me, shopping with me, many lunch and movie dates , TPing, late donut runs, just flat out Thanks for hanging out with your not soo cool Aunt:) we've shared soooo many memories together that will keep us close and laughing forever and only continue to share more as we grow older. Thanks for keeping me young and hip and always taking care of me and thinking of me. Im soo glad to have you as a friend. I hope you continue to have a great Birthday, since Birthday's do last a week:) in my book!
I Love you Cam
Happy 18th Birthday!
The posers!
Cams homecoming Game

Cam and Maj


The 3

Babies having Babies!

It's so crazy to me how fast time flies. Me and Matty (my cousin) grew up super close and as the babies of our families. Both of us "Bula's" and Spoiled Rotten. Now we both have little families of our own. It's crazy to see our new roles in life as parents. I hope our kids can share that same closeness as cousins that we did! His little girl Jayda was born just 2 weeks before Legend , so I'm sure Legend will be Jayda's body guard like Matty was with me:) Now it's Tupu's turn.....
The Babies with the Babies
Legend and Jayda

The mommies doing the usual


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Weed!!

So because Major was just a Monster from the beginning , when Legend came along and he was just a skinny little guy we thought he was just a "little guy" and he would take after his mama!!! Well not even a month later he's already grown 2.5 inches and gained 4.5 lbs.!!! So it looks like he's gonna be like his papa and big brother!!! He's just growin like a weed and has gained more than what he's suppose to!!! He's just trying to catch up with Maj!!!
Mama and Legend!!!
Fillin out those cheeks!!

Our stud!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Champions we are!!!!

Finally after all these years of playing the game Andy's finally won his 1st Championship!!! Not only that , he was awarded MVP of the Game!!! Andy's own words "I guess if you play the game long enough your bound to win sometime" lol Regardless I am so proud of him! This Season with the Blitz has been soo much fun and so crazy busy for the both of us. With Andy playing and helping out and me running the show with Laura Smith its been lots of fun and full of great experiences!!! We are so excited for next year. These guys play so hard and definitely with the passion! We are so honored to be apart of it. Thanks to all those who help out with making the Blitz possible, it is such a great addition to St. George! A HUGE THANKYOU to Andy and I's families for their willingness to babysit so we can attend these games and for ALL their love and support!!! Now we're on to Coaching , Go Dixie!!! Football is year round in this house!!! oh and I Love every second of it! ;)
Half time break!!! Got a little smooch in
After the game!!! #1

Our MVP!! Go DAD!!

My Dad and I .... He loves to come watch Andy play!
Some of the fam that came to support!!!

Andy's Titanium trainees, supporting their coach!
Fatso, Filo and Shaq
Vea, Brenton, Bryce and Berry

Showin the trophy some love, Dad and Maj

My MVP's

Josh Smith owner/QB accepting the trophy!
Go Blitz!
The RMFL commissioner awarding the




Friday, July 9, 2010

ST. George Blitz Goin to the Championships!!!

For all of our St.Georgians!!!! If you haven't been to a Blitz Football game yet this is your last chance this season!!! Saturday July 10th 2010 the Blitz are bringing the championships the their hometown. So come out and support our local boys in their big game!!! It's a great way to spend a Saturday night out with the fam. Great Football, Awesome Dancers:), food and lots of fun!!! Don't miss out on Kalamity performing half time woot woot! Tickets are $7.00 at the Gate or get em now at Krave for $5.00!!! Don't miss out!!!
Mr. Stokes doin what he does
Him Again!

Great Family Fun!!!

The Blitz Chickz

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Boys.

For all those that know me, knows that I grew up with 4 great brothers who spoiled me and let me tag along with them ever since I was a baby (seriously), I had all boy cousins my age who I was teased by all the time, I would rather hang out with boys than girls (to ditch the drama) married the most "MANLY MAN" ever:) and now on my way to having my own basketball team.....maybe:) and I like it that way!!! Plus , Im a little selfish and like being the only girl, and being spoiled. I've always said I put in my order along time ago. So if I'm good "I'm gettin all boys!!!" Ok Im kidding I would love a girl, but the boys I have now are full of life and keep me on my toes!!!
Every day is exciting and new. Watching these little Giants grow is the best thing ever. Major is so smart maybe too smart, Andy keeps sayin he's going to out smart us both by the time he's 5. If you know him you know what I mean:) I can't wait to watch my boys grow together and become Best Friends and Best Enemies! Im so grateful for my husband for the example and the Dad that he is for our Boys.
I love my boys!!
Major & Legend
Major showin his little brother how its done;)


Dad showin the boys how its done:)

Major takin pictures of his brother!! Say cheese Legend

Check those bad boys out!

Major doin what he does best.....Big Brother!

Tender moment!