This is us!

This is us!
Andy, Tia, Major & Legend Stokes

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Coach Stokes

This is a sad time of year for us....our 2nd football season this year has come to an end:( This is Andy's 3rd year coaching the Dixie Freshman football team and he & we love every minute of it! I say we too because the kids and I go to most of the practices and the games to cheer our dad and the team on and just to hangout as a family! Its funny because every year its like we adopt 25 new freshman boys in our hearts and its always sad when its over and to watch these boys grow up and move on. Im so glad he has something besides work that he is involved in and he truly loves doing. I love to see him happy , so if that means football all year long... then dang it thats what it is:) Andy really does have a talent as a coach and getting his kids to believe...he loves his kids and they love him. Go Dixie!!!
Last Game of the season
Dixie vs. Pine View
Coach Pep talk before the game
Major is definitely part of the team all the boys
are like his big brothers...He loves it!

Major racing Dillan at practice
Major helping with practice

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Perfect 10's

10/10/10 Major just had to show off his new church suit that Dad got him!!! He's definitely my perfect 10!!!! He was lookin good and he knew it:) He's a stud!!!
Always flexin the muscles:)
Majors little brother Legend...
He's a perfect 10 too!

Being the usual cheese ball that he is;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Majors 1st "vroom vroom"

Last night when we got home from Kalamity's performance Major had one more surprise Birthday gift from Grandma and Pops!!! Majors 1st 4 wheeler, he was sooo excited and of course very serious about it!!! He's soo excited to be just like Pops now. He got right to work on it too, fixing it and makin sure everything was running perfect!!! Thankyou Grandma and Pops!
Major already pickin up the ladies:)
Side profile...yes he's a messy boy...Andy said it's his birthday
so he didnt have to have his face wiped or anything else
he didnt wanna
Front view.. tired birthday boy

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Major!!!

Wow its crazy how fast time flies....Happy 2nd Birthday to our Big Man Thomas Major!!! He is such a joy in our life and keeps us busy!!! He has such a goofy personality and is such a good protective older brother....Major Mommy loves you soooo much!!!!
Major i love it when you:
-tell me you love me
-kiss me on the cheek
- squeeze my cheeks and say "cheeks"
- hold my hand
-remind us to pray
- hug my head to your head
-bonk me
-do your signs
-read your books
-make all your silly animal faces
-cuddle and kiss your brother when he's sad
-laugh when someone farts:)
- wanna play with Pops
-do your 3 pt. stance
-play football with the boys
-laugh at yourself
- run from my pretend spider friend
-talk loud in public
-want your dad at night
and the list goes on.....
Thankyou Major for blessing our lives and being a part of our family.
I love you!
Happy Birthday Buddy!

6 am birthday morning
Major knew it was his
"Mine , bike"
Had to put the new pjs on!!!
October birthdays are fun!!!

Riding his tricycle in moms studio!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Marathon time again!

Let me just start out saying im the luckiest girl ever to have such a great family on my side and my husbands side. I wouldn't beable to have my crazy active lifestyle without them and my amazing husband of course. So thankyou to my awesome family for all the love , support and babysitting! So 3 months ago I had a baby and 3 months later i ran my 3rd marathon!!! Im not gonna lie this year i struggled I didnt get the training i had last year due to the extra 30lbs I was carrying :) and Im not a natural athlete by all means I NEED THE TRAINING...LOL! This year the marathon was the hottest its been since 15yrs ago....I was parched:) But it was such a great and humbling experience...It was amazing to me to see the 7,400 runners with the same goal in finish!!! Let me just say my husband is my #1 support I mean what other husband takes his wife running and is her water stations at 3:00 in the morning with the kids or finds her a ticket to run (thankyou Flint) , gets her goody baskets before and after the run, babysits the kids before work in the mornings so she can run or dance???..... Mine!!! Yes he is amazing and I love him so much Im also sooo grateful for my health and strength and the body that I have to do the things I love and to enjoy my family!!!!
Andy and I
Walking out the door at 3:45am to catch the bus to the marathon!
My Majo waitin for his mama!!! I think Legend is in the seat too!

My awesome family!!!!
I love you guys!!!!