This is us!

This is us!
Andy, Tia, Major & Legend Stokes

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Majors 1 year old pictures!!!! WOW!!!

Wow!!!! Its so crazy how fast time flies when your having fun. I cannot believe Major is going to be 1 in just a couple weeks!!! Feels like I just popped the little booger out yesterday. Major has been such a joy in our lives this past year and I can't wait to see what he has in store for us!!! I have been blessed with such a sweet little boy (who will be bigger than his mommy by the time he's 5:) lol ,w/ a huge personality , he loves dogs , grandmas and grandpas, his boy cousins as well as the girls (its just funny because Major is spoiled by his older boy cousins so everytime he sees a teenage boy around he thinks they are his friends and wants to hangout!) He also loves to run all over the place , loves the camera:)(he got that from his dad), dancing and throwing everything is his specialty, and of course he loves big boy food as you can tell:) We just love him soo much and so excited for all the many adventures he takes us on!!! Hope you like Major's 1year old pictures!!! I know he liked em:)

I Hope you liked my pictures , I posed very hard for my pictures:) Cheese!!!! XOXO Maj