This is us!

This is us!
Andy, Tia, Major & Legend Stokes

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ew....Gross, Poor Andy's Stitches....
So last week Friday i get a phone call from Andy and he tells me he's at the Dr's office during work. So of course being the paranoid wife that i am i ask a million questions and very worried. Being the man of very little words that he is all he tells me is he "Mushed his face!" So I'm thinkin oh boy, trying to prepare myself for what I'm gonna see. Well when he comes home this is what he looked like. It wasn't that bad after all but it was I'm sure. So the story was that he fell off the back of a 4ft. trailer carrying a big cabinet and "Mushed his face" on the cabinet and fell on the cement with the cabinet on top of him. He was just glad it wasn't his legs.....Typical:)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally our little family has jumped on the Blog Band-wagon!!!!

The latest pregnant pic. 29wks

Our All-Star For now....

A very intense Andy....
Typical us.... oldest sister Tonya joined the Blog world and once again has inspired me!!! So here we are Andy and Tia Stokes and soon to be coming in 8 and a half weeks our little boy Major.
These Blogs kind of scare me because everyone usually has something really exciting going on and write amazing things but we're just ordinary, pretty boring, and we're definitely not your typical newlywed couple. "Oh but we love it"

Andy and Tia History:
*Andy loves football
*Tia loves to dance
*But we both love each other way more than dance or football!!!
*We met in Sept. of 2007
*WE REALLY met again in Nov. of 2007
*First Date was Dec. 14th 2007
*Tia said "I Love You" first twice with no response back!!! Andy's a turd...
*But he loved me after all, Andy proposed New Years Eve 07-08 with my sister Tonya's help
*We were sealed for time and all eternity Jan. 26th 2008 in the St. George Temple
So here we are 8 months later Happily married expecting our first Football All-Star (already like his dad, Dr. says "He's a Goliath") October 18th . Talk about not wasting any time, Right? You know what they say "When it's right, it's RIGHT." Hope you enjoy my crazy probably confusing blogs (that's me:)) and our little family of 2, well 3 we can't forget our spoiled little Chihuahua puppy Taylor and soon to be 4 with THE BOSS coming soon.