This is us!

This is us!
Andy, Tia, Major & Legend Stokes

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here's some pictures of Majors surgery day! Poor little guy was so happy going to the hospital and then very disappointed when he realized where we were and what was going on...all he wanted was Dad:) Once the nurses gave him the "rootbeer" he just calmed right on down and was a little loopy..ha!!! I of course was a bawl baby , when the Dr. came to take him back to the surgery room , I of course shed a few tears...I honeslty don't know how mom's who have real struggles with their kids do it and stay so stronge. Unfortunatley 6 days later after Majors tonsilectomy we had to take him to the E.R. because he woke up from a nap bleeding pretty bad out of his mouth.... ah it was scary! Poor Maj was bleeding from an artery that his scab fell off too early, so he had to have surgery again:( The Dr. said it was a bad bleed but he finally got it to stop and recartarized it. Maj had to stay the night in the hospital and again after surgery all he wanted was "DaD." I am so lucky to have a husband so involved with his kids...Now we're hopin it's smooth sailin from here on out with this tonsil stuff.
Maj flopped on the bed feelin good.
His surgery day bear from Grandma Irene
Maj and Dad after the Rootbeer:)

Loopy boy!
Before Rootbeer, very sad!

Besties at the hospital.
Andy was more sad than Maj

Andy is sooo sensitive towards his family
always there for us through the tough times
Surgery Day
Wed. morning 7:30am Maj wanted to
take all his friends with him.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Surgery Buddies!

This week is a pretty eventful week for our Cec So Sweet and Maj!!! Cec (my niece) had surgery just yesterday on her knee. We thought she had torn her ACL in a soccer game but come to find out during surgery she had fractured her bone instead, which is still bad but a quicker recovery than the ACL. Our little Maj has been suffering from Sleep Apnea :( which we didn't know until we took him to the Dr. for a bad cough and come to find out his little tonsils aren't so little. We just thought he had wierd sleeping habits. Come to find out the poor kid isn't sleeping much at all bacause he can't breathe very well. So tommorrow he is getting his tonsils and andnoids out! So these two are always buddies but now they'll be little cuddle buddies:) They'll need the company!!!
Major showin off his muscles while using his drill
Pops bought him

The Buddies

Cec So Sweet and Legend
Our Soccer All Star!

Legend Stokes!

Here's a little update on our cute little Legend. He is almost 3 months and although started out smaller than his Big Brother he's now just following right in his footsteps. He's 25.5 in. long and 17lbs. and his head is just as big as his brother was. Mama's milk does the boy good:) We just love him so much! Its so nice to have 2 little boys in the house they keep me goin and smiling! Legend is a total Mama's boy thats for sure! He knows his mama and always smiles when I talk to him! He is such a happy, easy , good natured baby!
Always smiles for Mama
He's got the ladies grin on lock!

Loves Daddy time!

Love the Rolls....
We start the chucks young!!!

Handy Andy

Here's some of Handy Andy's work he's done for me in our house. He is awesome I just tell him my idea and he does the rest. He's honestly got a talent for his work and he loves doing it!! My family keeps telling me to take pictures of his work and put it on here, so here it is!!! He's also done an awesome contemporary style table and another style of entertainment center that I will post on here soon!!! Im tellin you he's the Best!!!
When you want something built come to my Handy Andy!!!
The Top of my shoe rack with a dry earse frame!
The Shoe Rack!!!

He built me my marathon case!
(He surprised me:)

He Refinished and restyled this changing table

The changing table

My Custom Entertainment Center!

Custom Frames..
He can do any style

He refinished my old gross oak cabinets
to a black with burn thru edges

My kitchen he refinished!!! love it!!!
Not only is he the Best and my husband he does great Quality work!!!
Keep an eye out for more pics.

Wanna WallBed?!!!

My amazing wood working husband is truly incredible......during these hard times my husband is willing to learn and do anything to provide for his family. So earlier this year when times were slower at his job we were blessed with a "Big" Job opportunity from my dear brother. He asked Andy if he could build these wallbeds for his youth facility. Handy Andy of course said "I could figure it out" So Andy reasearched and figured it out and now knows how to build these incredible wallbeds. Thats one thing about my husband he is not scared of a challenge. He is always willing to learn new things and always willing to work. He is amazing!!! So he hired to of his good friends to help him with the cabinets and beds in the facility and now they would love to do more:) The wallbeds are a great way to save space and keep a room clean:) I know I can't wait to put them in my kids rooms oneday! If your interested in a wallbed he can do any color or design! If not a wallbed ,he can build anything else you would like as well!!!
Any wood work for the BEST price , Handy Andy is your Man!!!

The Finished product
Bunk Bed Wallbeds with desks!

The Test!!!
Very Stonge!

See what I mean, easy clean up!!

Interested email Tia: