This is us!

This is us!
Andy, Tia, Major & Legend Stokes

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Major!!!

Wow its crazy how fast time flies....Happy 2nd Birthday to our Big Man Thomas Major!!! He is such a joy in our life and keeps us busy!!! He has such a goofy personality and is such a good protective older brother....Major Mommy loves you soooo much!!!!
Major i love it when you:
-tell me you love me
-kiss me on the cheek
- squeeze my cheeks and say "cheeks"
- hold my hand
-remind us to pray
- hug my head to your head
-bonk me
-do your signs
-read your books
-make all your silly animal faces
-cuddle and kiss your brother when he's sad
-laugh when someone farts:)
- wanna play with Pops
-do your 3 pt. stance
-play football with the boys
-laugh at yourself
- run from my pretend spider friend
-talk loud in public
-want your dad at night
and the list goes on.....
Thankyou Major for blessing our lives and being a part of our family.
I love you!
Happy Birthday Buddy!

6 am birthday morning
Major knew it was his
"Mine , bike"
Had to put the new pjs on!!!
October birthdays are fun!!!

Riding his tricycle in moms studio!!!

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